Friday, 29 March 2013

Black Sabbath 13

So Black Sabbath, the band who sort of invented, heavy metal are back with a new album and the classic line up - well apart from Bill Ward who felt insulted by the contract he was offered by the bands' management. He's been replaced for this new platter by Rage Against the Machine's Brad Wilk. Still we have Ozzy (Yep, Sharon's allowed him out to play), Tony Iommi (currently receiving treatment for cancer of the blood) and Geezer Butler.

In the producer chair we have the great Rick Rubin, the man who did such a great job with Johnny Cash for the American Recordings series, and reports are that he's taken Sabbath back to the sound of their first few studio albums. He's also rejected several of the songs the band brought in and toned Ozzy down to a manageable level.

The album is called 13 and is out this coming June - definitely one to look forward to then.

Below I've embedded a You Tube video of the band talking about the new album.

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