Monday, 17 November 2014

LED ZEPPELIN IV - The remaster

Back in the day when hanging around rock festivals was the norm for Granny I always wanted Jimmy Page to take me back to his pad and have his evil way with me. These days it would take a bag of viagra to get the Page-Pole into action...still I'm game if he is. But enough of that and on with the album.

What can be said about the album that hasn't been said already...many times. Suffice to say it's an all time rock classic. A super album that is excellent from start to finish. It's a folk rock masterpiece, and any real kind of rock fan will be familiar with the album.

Remastered wonderfully well...when played on a high end system the seperation is something to behold. I've never heard the Battle of Evermore sounding so good. And even the overfamiliar Stairway to Heaven sounds fresh. The quieter guitar led moments in the first section of the epic track just sound so organic. And onto side 2 - Misty Mountain Hop sounds brilliant as does Four Sticks with that driving riff. The penultimate track, Going to California has always been a track I love and I really dig the remastering here. Last tracks is the awesome When the Levee Breaks and once again the remastering is of better quality than the earlier Zeppelin CD's.

The bonus disc is a steaming turd of a disc. There's nothing new only slightly different versions of the songs on the original album. They don't sound as good as the originals so why bother.

OK 5/5 for the remastering
9008767654454343/5 for the original album
1/5 for the bonus disc

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