Monday, 17 November 2014

Rocking with Macca...The Art of McCartney

The Art of McCartney is a double album featuring some of the best known musicians in the world covering songs written by that exceptional talent that is Paul McCartney. It's at times gear and fab and at time a little wimpy. Here'sa Granny's track by track listing

Maybe I'm Amazed...this becomes a rocker in the hands of the downtown guy himself, Billy Joel
Things we Said Today...coming from the gravel voice of Bob Dylan this is awesome
Band on the Run by Heart is too wimpy, like 1970's radio friendly pop rock.
Junoir's Farm...a great song done well by Steve Miller
Long and Winding Road...sorry didn't like this. Up yours  Yusuf
My Love...Harry Connick gives us a Jazzed up version
Wanderlust...Brian Wilson, awesome. I love Brian so much I'd like the fluff from between his toes
Bluebird...Corinne Bailey Rae does a beautiful version
Yesterday...Willie Nelson gives us stoned beauty
Junk - Jeff Lynn, love it
When I'm 64...Barry Gibbs's always been a tosser and he's a tosser here, but all the same I like his version here. The Tosser does well.
Every Night is done by Jamie Cullen and it's okayish
Venus and Mars/Rockshow - Kiss rock this
Let me Roll it by Paul Rodgers AKA Freddy Mercurylite gives us a great version.
Helter which Roger Daltry tries to give us the rockiest song ever.
Helen Wheels..Def Leppard's take is better than the original
Hello Goodbye with the Cure featuring McCartney Jnr is punky and cool. Vibrates like Ann Summers on a fresh  set of batteries.

Side 2 kicks off with Live and Let die and this sees Billy Joel return but it's not as successful as his earlier entry.
Let it Be follows from Chrissie Hynde and it's OK but nothing more
Jet lifts off in the hands of Robin Zander and  Rick Nielsen  but only just clears the runway
Hi,Hi, Hi is stoned out stoner rock by Joe Elliot and it rocks. He emphasises the word Polygon is the infamous line.
Letting Go comes from Heart. Typical soft rock but a great song
Hey Jude by Steve Miller is OK
Listen to what the Man Said done by Owl City is better than the original.
Got to get you into my life is handled by Perry Farrell and it's gear
Drive my Car in the hands of Dion is poppy
Lady Madonna is done well by Allen  Toussant but his name is hard to spell. Tosser.
Let Em In by Dr John is funky as two cabbages
So Bad...was always a shit song and Smokey Robinson can't save it
No More Lonely Nights comes from the Toxic Event and it's fucking awesome
Eleanor Rigby done by Alice Cooper...actually a highlight of the album
Come and Get It with Toots and Sly and Robbie is done brilliantly with a cool reggae vibe
On The Way by BB King - WOW! Super,fab,gear and groovey
Birthday by Sammy Hager. Fuck hair rock
Cmoon by Robert Smith is a bonus track on the Amazon exclusive version. And is a straightforward copy of the original.
Put it There comes from Peter, Bjorn and John and it's OK.

Paul McCartney's always been a musical genius and for too long the critics have turned up their noses, calling his post Beatle output, twee and bland. Hey fuck you ctitics. Macca Rocks

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