Sunday, 4 October 2015

Paul McCartney's Archive collection continues to follow a stoner's speed with releases.

Just been listening to the latest two releases in the painfully slow Paul McCartney Archive Collection, and to my mind neither of the two albums are among Macca's best post Beatles stuff - I would have much rather have seen Red Rose Speedway and London Town getting the spiffing remastering of the Archive series, but alas I have to quit grinding my dentures and console myself with Tug of War and Pipes of Peace.

Whilst Tug of War is considered a minor classic, the companion release Pipes of Peace is considered more a steaming pile of turd than a classic of any kind. Though to be honest Pipes of Peace, from now of POP, is not quite as bad as I remember and if you're in the mood for some catchy but vapid pop than it may just be the same. What of Tug of War then? The so called classic - well it's got some great stuff on it, some truly great stuff but it too suffers from the 80's pansy pop period.

Why are the bosses behind the Archive collection taking so long to get the product out there? And how stoned are they to chose these two albums before classics like Red Rose Speedway, London Town and even Press to Play - the latter album is my choice for most undervalued masterpiece on Macca's canon.

Still POP and TOW work well together, largely because many of the tracks on POP didn't quite make the grade for TOW which was originally intended a s a double album. And thanks to the modern playlist you can make a well wicked double album by discarding some tracks from each album - gone is the dreadful, Ebony and Ivory as well as the barking The Man and the quicker we kick Say, Say, Say in it's high pitched bollocks the better. I've also dragged in a couple of tracks from other albums of the same period.

So with the power of these new fangled playlists I present Paul McCartney Granny Style with this double album that I call, Tug of Peace - ROCKING DUDE.
The 80's was my naff period

Ok this is a double album and the rules are four sides of five tracks. The album of course needs to be bookended by Tug of War and Tug of Peace to make any sense.

Side 1
Tug of War
Take it Away
Here Today
Somebody who Cares
Keep Under Cover

Side 2

The Pound is Sinking
Stop you Don't Know where she came from (remastered demo)
Ballroom Dancing
Dress me up as a Robber
Pipes of Peace (single version)

Side 3

Get it
Average Person
Through our Love
Only Love Remains

Side 4
No Values
So Bad
I'll Give you a Ring
No More Lonely Nights
Tug of Peace