Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sex for your ears

A kind of Blue is the jazz album that many rocks fans have in their collection - Miles Davies lived a life that was pure rock and roll, and he played from the soul - I bloody love this album. It truly is sex for your ears.

Well as all you groovers know vinyl is back in a big way, and currently there's a new magazine, one of those part work things, on sale at newsagents. And each issue comes with a classic jazz album on genuine virgin 180g vinyl - even better the first issue is priced at a special low of £4.99 and comes with A Kind of Blue, on 180g vinyl - man, the album is worth at least £20 so this is a bargain you won't want to miss.

I think the regular price of the magazine will be £14.99, but coming with a LP record and an excellent magazine looking at the record in question, it is a set worth collecting. I've subscribed anyway - I'm not that knowledgable on Jazz, so I'm going to use this collection to explore the genre. Previously, A Kind of Blue and a few Louis Armstrong albums have been the only jazz in my collection.

I love Kind of Blue...did I mention that it is sex for your ears! And not just your standard run of the mill sex but sex with a hot chick from a fetish bar.

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