Thursday, 29 December 2016

Blue and Lonesome - The Rolling Stones

I held back on reviewing this album because I haven't been able to stop listening to the bloody thing, it's still on constant rotation after almost a month. To be frank it's a fucking remarkable album, on Vinyl it's a double album - I mean let's face it The Stones are a bit long in the tooth, and it could be argued that their last truly essential album came out sometime during the 1970's, and to my particular tastes they've never topped their excellent Sixties run of albums - OK Satantic Majesties may be a blip but I'd take it over anything, with one or two possible exceptions, released after the mid Seventies. And now at the tail end of 2017 they come out with an album of Blues covers that have them sounding spookily alike those 1964 rebels who the Daily Mirror were terrified were going to marry your daughters. When this plaetter spins you can close your eyes and be transformed back to the smokey atmosphere of the Crawdaddy Club, or the gold lined streets of Swinging London.

This is the first album since the band's first to be made up entirely of covers - recorded in just three days the album has the feeling of a tightly packed jam with musicians bringing their love of the blues genre to the forefront and producing a smoking hot set.

This is an album that can be enjoyed and cherished by matter what your age, even if you weren't born during the Stones first run of albums, or if you, like Granny were around to hurl your knickers at the boys during the first manic years of Stones dominance.

This little old lady, who confidentially once had a romantic interlude with Keef - find details in my book, Murder Plot, was shaking her stuff and excercising muscles I don't think I've felt since 1965.

Blue and Lonesome was never planned  - Incredibly it was made on impulse, as a much-needed break during other studio work. And it shows how tight this band are and how well Jagger can still sing. Solos are brief, evoking  the original recordings by the original bluesmen.


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